100 Days Project

i have set my self the challenge of partaking in the #100dayproject- a celebration of process that encourages everyone to participate in 100 days of making. Iā€™m aiming to illustrate a different element of pop culture everyday- be it a movie, a novel or a song. Stay tuned or get involved with the hash tag #100dayproject

Cry Baby Club

I recently made a print for the wonderful Cry Baby Club, a bloody awesome collective of ladies who use art to teach young girls and women that being sensitive does not trivialize their existence, negate their power or desecrate their worth. 

Head over to their inspiring website to fill yourselves in on all things cry baby. You can also check out my artist spotlight here and read about the mermaid print i made for their subscription box!

Cry Baby Artist Spotlight

Painting Birkens

I set myself a task of painting a Birkin bag i received as a gift. It's so beautiful but i never used it as it was always a bit too formal for my liking. I always fancied the idea of putting some kind of zany pop art or cartoon esque print on it but was inevitably scared of ruining such a pretty bag. Anyway last night i ripped the band aid off so to speak and put my favourite depiction of Mickey and Minnie (true love) on what is now my favourite little bit of portable art to cart around.. Check it out! And hit me up if you fancy investing in some artsy customisations šŸ˜˜